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I have not been on here forever! Life has totally changed! Falling in love with this beautiful girl right now named Lakwiesha! she is so fuckin rad man. Accepts everything I used to be and embraces the good man that I’ve become :) Possibly a baby on the way, she is black so mixed baby! Whats cuter than a mixed baby!? Living with my sister tho, left that shit hole nisco a long time ago. But life is fun and i’m enjoying it finally! smoke on friends! And if youire reading this ADJ (bolded that so maybe you would see) Whats happenin!! I didn’t even know you were still on here!! :) 

I hate money

Work blows. I mean I will work my ass off if I have to. Which I do cuz everyone else wants my money. I can’t stand money. Life sucks when all you do is work 12 hours all 7 days every week. so little time of pure happiness and fun. Just stuck always wondering when things will look up for me.. But I know they will. If there is one thing I see always its hope haha. Its the only reason I get outta bed everyday. But damn im tired of wearing pants all the time lol

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